It is not the usual Trading Course
but a Professional Training path!

The method is structured in such a way that the Trader can reach a conscious technical/mental level

the right way to become a...

"Succesful Trader"

Strategies and Techniques

Train yourself with our Professional Method, Learning profitable techniques and Strategies.

 Operational Sessions

Join Live Operational Sessions, listening and following the tips of Professional Traders.


The top profession based on psychology, we will teach you the right Mindset.

After Purchasing The Course, you will have acces to:

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Professional Master Introduction

A series of lessons to introduce the entire journey, tips about how and when to study, and many important advices.

Mind Map of the Succesful Trader

5 very useful lessons to understand the basics on wich the Traders's profession is spread?

- Money  management
- Risk  management
- Trade  management
- Business  management
- Personal management

Basic Forex

Basical knowledge of Currency markets, Pips, Lots, Sizes, Leverages, Margins and much, much more.

Markets Dynamics

Very important notions about how and why the financial markets move. Our mission is not to teach multiple Patterns but to make  clear why they get created and to use this knowledge to our advantage.

Patterns and Technical Strategies 

In addition to teaching some our proprietary strategies as the Famous Inverese Pin Bar, we prefer to form our students with other popular trader's strategies and techniques wich already became public knowledge, just to create for the Trader a mental/technical road to use in this way multiple entering patterns in a more probable gainful context. 


In 20 years of activity and after careful researches we have selected and modified many Patterns and Strategies creating interesting and profitable mixes between them. 

Operational Platforms

Installation, Customization and use of some platforms helpful for our profession, mainly MT4 and cTrader.

Trading System

The Trading System, which is like a  Business Plan for a Company, is the workplan that has to be built to start Trading in a serious and professional way. 


Very important concepts to build our present and above all our future. Without understanding where we want to go it's hard to have succes in life as well as in our work. The Super Focus is the drafting and concrete realization of a useful plan to achieve our dreams. 

Time Management

Time management is definitely essential, during these lessons the student will begin to feel and manage time in a completely different way.


Our profession is for a large part based on psychologycal aspects (Fears, Uncertainties, Low regard of ourselves, beliefs and false myths etc.), in every single lesson we'll introduce concepts to get the right Mentality for this profession and above all in everyday life. A Trader that has been formed in an ethical and professional way is for sure a better person even out of the Platform.

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Research Lab


The main purpose of the Laboratory is to get together as many minds as possible, all with the same target: to share experiences, to cooperate in order to create new strategies and modify the actual ones until starting trading in team, eradicating in this way the many psychological insecurities and pressures generated constantly by fear and greed in those who operate (alone) on the financial markets.

Operational Live Sessions


We organize on a non-regalar basis Operational Live Sessions, such sessions are very important to understand all the psychological and tecnical dynamics wich a trader performs in the Trading activity...  

Update Webinars


We organize once every 15 days an OnLine Meeting to take stock of the situation, to assign eventual tasks to do, Multiday analysis, questions and answers and much more.

... further


Controlling Fear and Greed, breaking down Habits, Beliefs and wishing to achieve ethical and important targets.

Trading Business

A Trading Activity without a Business Plan is considered a failure before attempting to start, you'll learn all the secrets.

Technical Analysis

We'll teach you all the Technical Strategies to operate on Financial Markets, unveiling you all Markets Dynamics. 

Financial Culture

The raw material for a Trader are the Capitals, without a Proper Financial Culture a trader often commits carelessness. 

 LIVE Operativity

We organize on a non-regular basis Live Trading Sessions, very useful Sessions that bring you to face and defeat your fears and anxieties.

Research and Development

Financial Markets change constantly their dynamics, without research we are out of the Picture, we have a Laboratory that is expanding constantly.

What you'll learn after the Course

You will learn the Trader's Profession, you'l become able to manage by yourself every occurence  that you'll encounter on the platform and out of it, you will learn the Real Financial Culture and you'll finally get able to govern your mind.

Many are the benefits that you will get after the course, and range from Financial Indipendence to the evolution of your personality , for sure you'll become a better person.  


I'm a beginner and I have no experience, does the Course suit for me?

Of course it does, in fact if you are completely inexperienced you have a bit of advantage, since you wont have to get out of your head all the false teachings that some other "guru" may have reached to you. This is a step-by-step journey/course with some notions that can bring you from zero to an advanced level. 

After the course will I immediately start getting rich  

Of course you wont. To create a solid and really gainful buisness you need some time. How much? It depends on you. The Information inside of the course ar 100% accurate and tested firsthand with success. Everybody who tells you that after purchasing his course you'll get rich overnight is simply lying. 

Will there be a refund in case I'm not satisfied?

There wont be any refund in any case. Since the lessons are in video format, Coaching Sessions and Live Verbal Webinars I couldn't in any way have back these (very confidencial, by the way) informations.

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